the Landing

After listening to an inductive sound piece, visitors arrive at The Landing, where fifteen old envelops that were once used to communicate across distances now reveal selected quotes on Aloneness. Throughout the whole experience, a sound piece accompanies visitors from space to space, creating a bubble that isolates them from other visitors and grounds them in their experience.

Since the womb

Participants are asked to recreate their time inside the womb. Afterwards, they are prompted to choose an object that they connect the most with Aloneness and bathe themselves in an associated memory.

in my psyche

Participants can sit, breathe and watch an 8-min-long video piece that fills a wall vertically with surreal compositions inside the psyche of a woman.

the labyrinth of solitude

Visitors enter a completely dark dome (6m diameter, 4m tall) with warm, soft cloth on the ground, which guides the way of a labyrinth and spirals around the center piece: a lotus flower with a candle reflected on a mirror.

the light you bring

After the dark dome, participants transition into a bright tunnel and walk through sets of curtains and portals of light, while reflecting upon how we talk to ourselves in our heads and remembering a positive phrase.

the garden

At the end, participants come to an aromatic site where they can sit, write down their reflections on Aloneness, and hang them on the installation.